Osteria Bavaria – The finest Italian restaurant in Germany

Unity Mitford – upon whom the character Liberty, in my book, Resolution, is based – will forever be connected with a special little bit of Italy in the heart of Munich.The Osteria Bavaria restaurant was originally opened in 1890 making it the oldest Italian restaurant in Germany.┬áIts founder was Joseph Deutelmoser, a German who wasContinue reading “Osteria Bavaria – The finest Italian restaurant in Germany”

Hemingway, herrings and Brasserie Lipp

The Brasserie Lipp is used for an important scene in my book Resolution; it’s also a Paris institution.The endearing eaterie can be found on Boulevard Saint-Germain in the middle of the city’s Rive Gauche district and was once a favourite of Ernest Hemingway, Marc Chagall and Albert Camus. Hemingway in particular used to write hereContinue reading “Hemingway, herrings and Brasserie Lipp”

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