Osteria Bavaria – The finest Italian restaurant in Germany

Unity Mitford – upon whom the character Liberty, in my book, Resolution, is based – will forever be connected with a special little bit of Italy in the heart of Munich.The Osteria Bavaria restaurant was originally opened in 1890 making it the oldest Italian restaurant in Germany. Its founder was Joseph Deutelmoser, a German who wasContinue reading “Osteria Bavaria – The finest Italian restaurant in Germany”

Hemingway, herrings and Brasserie Lipp

The Brasserie Lipp is used for an important scene in my book Resolution; it’s also a Paris institution.The endearing eaterie can be found on Boulevard Saint-Germain in the middle of the city’s Rive Gauche district and was once a favourite of Ernest Hemingway, Marc Chagall and Albert Camus. Hemingway in particular used to write hereContinue reading “Hemingway, herrings and Brasserie Lipp”

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