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Osteria Bavaria – The finest Italian restaurant in Germany

Unity Mitford – upon whom the character Liberty, in my book, Resolution, is based – will forever be connected with a special little bit of Italy in the heart of Munich.
The Osteria Bavaria restaurant was originally opened in 1890 making it the oldest Italian restaurant in Germany. Its founder was Joseph Deutelmoser, a German who was a big fan of Italian art and cuisine.
It’s achieved notoriety as the place where Unity Mitford lay in wait for Adolf Hitler seeking to set up a ‘chance’ meeting.

The restaurant has since changed it’s name to Osteria Italiano, but inside the most of the original furniture and fittings remain, it’s like going back in time. The ceilings, and many of the walls are clad in dark wood and wherever you look there are paintings of Bavaria and local treasures.
There is even an outside courtyard, with an arbor built in the style of a Roman temple.
And the food, I can tell you from experience, is fantastic.
I have attached a few of the photos I took of it while in Munich researching the book.
Located on Schellingstrasse at the corner with Schraudolphstrasse, Osteria Italiana is well worth visiting if you find yourself in Munich.

A number of the scenes in my book Resolution are set in Osteria Bavaria and if you want to know what happens here in the novel, you can buy it here:


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