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Where was Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest?

One of the significant scenes in my book, Resolution, is set at Hitler’s mountain top Eagle’s Nest, also known as the Kehlsteinhaus. Although much of the Nazi-owned property in the area was destroyed at the end of WW2, this tiny lair set atop the Berchtesgaden Alps is still open to the public.

The building is right at the top of a mountain, some distance above Hitler’s holiday home, the Berghof, at Obersalzberg. It was built as a present for him by loyal members of his clique and was formerly opened by the Nazi leader on his birthday, in April 1939
To get to the Kehlsteinhaus you have to either drive four miles up mountain roads, through five tunnels and round a hairpin bend. Or you can travel up a very ornate elevator as the characters do in my book. 
Up at the top of the mountain the house itself features incredible panoramic views and one can also see much of the original fittings including a huge marble fireplace which was a gift from Mussolini and was damaged by American soldiers lopping of pieces of it as souvenirs at the end of the second world war.
Today the Kehlsteinhaus can be visted by tourists during the summer and functions as a restaurant. The Eagle’s Nest can be seen on the back cover of my book and if you want to know what happens up there in the novel, you can buy it here:




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