In 1938, young English socialite Liberty Barnham heads to Munich to attend finishing school. Through the pages of her private diary she records her entrance into German high-society.
Liberty’s appealing mix of naivety and spirit sees her caught up in a whirl of social events, weekend retreats and political rallies, becoming close to Hitler and his inner circle.
Through her eyes we see how Hitler becomes increasingly powerful and how his charisma enabled him to lead his nation to war.
So who is the woman, broken of spirit, mourning the loss of a child, and feeling utterly betrayed by her lover? 

In present day London, ex-journalist Tom McCartney acts as political advisor to ambitious Foreign Secretary Charlie Pembroke, who would do anything to become Prime Minister – including making a pact with the right-wing German Chancellor.Amid a toxic political environment of distrust, misinformation, and back-stabbing, McCartney begins to unwrap a mystery. His investigations take him to Berlin and Paris, and into a battle against time to break the code that unlocks the past. Can he discover how the Foreign Secretary is connected to the long-dead Liberty before it is too late?


Available on Kindle or in paperback.

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Resolution is Adam Zerny’s first novel. He lives in Bedfordshire, and is also a county councillor, amateur triathlete, cat-lover and long-suffering Watford fan.

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